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  • (Bamboo) Wooden Watch
  • (Bamboo) Wooden Watch
  • (Bamboo) Wooden Watch
  • (Bamboo) Wooden Watch
  • (Bamboo) Wooden Watch
(Bamboo) Wooden Watch
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SKU# MT-B-10001
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Wood watch is equipped with high-quality Japanese quartz movement. Diameter of the dial is 1.7 inches. And a strap made of genuine leather.
You can upload about people, animals, landscapes photos of yours and so on . Also can write whatever you want on it .

Designed especially for men. The luxurious design is enhanced by deep-brown shades of natural Ebony , accentuated by the classic Roman numerals. The larger diameter makes this a very masculine watch.


Unique, handmade, artisan, authentic natural wood grain and finish, wood perfect make the watch only belongs to you.

State of moral goodness and living in balance.Our passion is to bring harmony and nature back to lives that are consumed with endless technology.



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If you need urgent express, please contact us before the watch send logistics.